GHDWoodhead creativespaces has always taken a sustainable approach to design, believing that for any space to be considered truly successful it must have a long life-span and be of benefit to its users and the surrounding environment. Recently there has been an increased awareness of the need for greater sustainability, and the subsequent development of “green” building products, finishes and methodologies has allowed us to further our efforts in this area.

We are active members of NZGBC, within our team we have both Green Star and homestar practitioners and assessors that can provide the below services.

Greenstar NZ Assessments - New Zealand's sustainable commercial building rating system, for building and interior fitouts from 1 - 6 Stars. For more info: Green Star

Homestar NZ assessments - New Zealand's Sustainable residential building rating system, evaluating housing in terms of energy, comfort, waste, water and health. For more info: Homestar

NABERSZ - New Zealand's rating for in-use-energy efficiency of commercial buildings - for more info: NABERSZ